Timesheets and Expenses

Automatic activity based timesheet reporting


JobWatch completely automates the creation of timesheets, based on the daily activities of each mobile worker. From the moment work starts at the beginning of the day, JobWatch logs the time spent on each job and activity, including travel time. The result is super accurate timesheets with no manual administration required.

Timesheets linked to labour rates

JobWatch automatically links timesheets to the correct labour rate for that mobile worker. This includes taking into account special rates (e.g out of hours, weekend, night rates, bank holidays) and also rates that are paid for special skills or qualifications.

The quick and easy way to log expenses


The JobWatch mobile app lets drivers and mobile workers report their expenses with ease as and when they are incurred. The date, time and location are automatically logged; the driver simply needs to input the line items and quantities. A photo of the receipt can also be captured. All this is instantly relayed to the back office for processing.