Call Handling and CRM

Call Handling & CRM


JobWatch’s fully integrated CRM connects all your customer data, providing you with a rich and integrated picture of each and every account, contact, site and contract. It makes life easy for your back office team who are able to access customer information and histories in an instant. This means fast and efficient handling of calls, new job booking and tracking of all calls, tasks and activities against each customer account.

Manage contracts, rates and pricing


JobWatch lets you manage all your contracts with ease. Create unlimited job types, specific to individual customers and including their agreed rates for labour, parts, delivery and travel time. That means accurate billing and invoicing, protecting your revenues and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Case Management and Account History


JobWatch CRM provides a detailed history for every customer account with instant access to calls, tasks and activities as well as jobs, invoices and other documents such as completed job cards. Case management is built-in allowing customer service cases to be raised, collaborated on and managed to resolution.