Jobs and Workflow

Works the way you work


JobWatch makes it easy to transition from paper to paperless. Workflows are completely customisable, meaning that your company’s own businesses processes are followed, right down to the worksheets and job cards that you use. Worksheets are template driven and this makes for simple implementation using the JobWatch workflow builder. The JobWatch mobile app captures all the information electronically as your mobile workers complete each worksheet.

Configure job constraints


Constraints can be added to job types, to ensure that the correct person or vehicle, with the correct skills and tools are allocated to the job. Constraints can include time, service level, skill set or vehicle attribute. They can be customised to suit the way you work.

Assign multiple worksheets


Multiple different worksheets can be assigned to each particular job type, so that your mobile workers are guided to complete the correct workflow. For example, for a technician, if five very different pieces of equipment need to be checked, each with a different process to be followed, then the five relevant worksheets can be easily allocated to the job.

Signature and Photo Capture


JobWatch captures customer signatures to confirm proof of delivery (POD) or proof of service. Photo capture allows multiple images to be taken. These can be used in service applications as evidence of work/jobs completed, or even for site surveys as part of the quotation process. For deliveries, photos can capture damages or verify where goods were sited.


Professional job cards in an instant


At the end of each job the solution creates professional, fully-branded job cards ready to be shared with the customer. These are also safely stored in the back office for future reference.