The vehicle tracking solution that delivers more

It simply delivers more

Get miles more value from your vehicle tracking with JourneyWatch

So Much Extra Value


At no extra cost


  • Driver productivity app for Android/IOS phones and tablets

  • Powerful fleet, resource and defect management built in

  • Easy to use CRM for all your contacts, sites and locations

  • Health and Safety module

Total Visibility Means More Productivity


Get more done every single day


  • Live view of vehicle locations. No need for calls to drivers

  • React quickly to urgent, unplanned jobs and find the nearest resource to a location with the correct skills, tools and equipment

  • Daily or weekly reports give you a clear picture of overall performance

  • Complete more jobs daily with a more efficient operation

  • Alerts when vehicles visit key locations or enter zones/territories that you define

Your Drivers Will Love Our Mobile App


Less manual admin. More time with your customers


  • Android/IOS driver productivity app works on smartphones or tablets

  • Quick and easy management of timesheets with GPS stamp

  • Carry out driver and vehicle checks electronically, with defect logging

  • Log and photograph expenses as they are incurred

  • Driver de-brief with behaviour feedback

  • Two way messaging with the back-office

Miles More Fuel Efficiency


Better driver behaviour all round


  • Achieve significant fuel savings across your operation

  • Integration with fuel card transactions for accurate MPG by vehicle

  • Speeding and engine idling alerts allow proactive driver feedback and training

  • Plan optimal routes and ensure that they are being adhered to

  • Minimise total miles travelled through smarter dispatch of resources

  • Built-in fleet management and defect reporting means less vehicle wear and tear

Reduce Labour Costs


Get a true picture of hours actually worked


  • Accurate and automated timesheets with GPS stamp

  • Reduce unauthorised overtime claims; you have an accurate log of actual time on-site

  • Accurate start and finish times

  • Visibility of late starts / early finishes

  • Visibility of extended stops at a location

Put a Stop to Unauthorised Use


Protect the value of your vehicles

  • Be alerted to unauthorised vehicle use

  • View and replay turn-by-turn history of each journey

  • See where private use is being abused

Keep Your Team Safe & Secure


Health & Safety and Duty of Care

  • Assists with meeting your duty of care obligations

  • Visibility of unsafe driving behaviour (speeding, excessive driving hours)

  • Driver de-brief encourages a positive attitude towards driving and road safety

  • Fleet management ensures robust management of servicing and defect repair

  • Track the movements of lone workers

  • Rapidly recover stolen vehicles

Create Real Customer Wow!


Respond faster and exceed your customer’s expectations



  • Ensure that SLAs are being met

  • Verify arrival / departure times to deal with customer queries; proof of service

  • Share tracking visibility with customers / sub-contractors

Run a Greener & Leaner Operation


Lower fuel bills and less emissions go hand in hand

  • Despatch the ideal resource to jobs or deliveries to avoid fuel waste

  • Get an accurate picture of MPG and detect fuel theft

  • Reduce fuel use; better routes, less idling, less harsh acceleration

  • Driver debrief keeps drivers focused on safety, fuel and the environment

  • Fleet management and service reminders lets you keep vehicles operating at their maximum efficiency