Reporting and Performance

Powerful insight to drive smarter business decisions


JourneyWatch gives you the insight needed to measure success and drive the critical KPIs that drive your business and service improvement. You’ll quickly be able to ascertain which customers are the most profitable, which employees are the most productive and how assets are being utilised in your operation. JobWatch reports across the business on finance, timesheets, vehicles, live tracking data, jobs, stock and equipment. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically daily or can be accessed anytime with one click. Bespoke BigData reports are also available (see below).

BigData: Vehicle & Driver Risk Management


Our BigData reports process huge amounts of information from across the JourneyWatch solution to create top level insights that provide a helicopter view of the health of your business. This report analyses driver behaviour over an extended period of time and reports on the level of risk within your vehicle operations. The costs of compliance failures can be large and there are also many opportunities for performance improvements that can lead to significant cost reductions.