Turn-by-turn navigation for car, van or truck


Integrated sat-nav with live traffic automatically guides the driver to the exact destination pin-pointed on the map when the job was created. This avoids the wasted time on-site searching for a specific location within a postcode. Sat-Nav loads automatically with the job’s address from CRM.

Key Features


  • Adjustable route settings for specific vehicle sizes and load types

  • Create custom profiles for easy switching between vehicles

  • Visual indication of off-route truck restrictions

  • Turn-by-turn voice directions with text to speech technology for full street names

  • Clear 3D and 2D driving views with unique ‘Directions Only’ driver safety mode

  • Alternate routing – select from up to three alternatives to a destination based on vehicle-specific criteria

  • Unique interactive route editing. Simply drag and drop to edit the route on-screen.

  • Lane indicator display and CoPilot ClearTurn™

  • Adjustable speed limit alerts (Truck speed limit warnings in certain areas only)

  • Multiple-stop trips, waypoints and pre-trip planning

Key Driver Benefits


  • Avoids low bridges and weight/height/width-restricted roads

  • Warns about sharp bends and no-overtaking zones

  • Avoids truck-prohibited roads, turns and U-turns

  • Avoids hazardous or flammable materials-restricted roads as appropriate